About Us

04I                                                                                                                                               In 1984 the first Irish Wolfhound entered the house of the Du Plessis family – and they haven’t left since.

Apart from the Wolfhounds, the family consists of Riana’s very supportive husband Frits, and their three children.

Riana’s love of animals guaranteed the presence of dogs in the home, but the Wolfhounds’ charisma and quiet self-confidence set them apart from other breeds.  The first Wolfhound, Klara, was a gift from her father in law.  Klara reached the ripe age of nine and a half years, after which Cleo filled the dog shaped hole in the household.  She sadly relinquished this task just before her tenth birthday, but not before she helped raise Khan – the first male Wolfhound to enter the family.

After Khan’s untimely death from pneumonia at five and a half years no Wolfhound was available and Luna, an exceptionally balanced, intelligent, and loving Golden Retriever, entered their lives.  Even so, the home was not complete without an Irish Wolfhound and in 2009 Kira and Mieke arrived from Europe.  In 2010 Gregor was brought in from the Netherlands to join the family.  Pitlochry’s Uncle Sting and Ocool Oracle of First Avenue joined us in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

A normal day starts with a long early morning walk in the expanse of open field very near to their home. Here they can express their exuberance and act like true hounds, racing each other in the grasslands.  The rest of the day their mission seems to be occupying the floor space around Riana’s feet.  Later in the evening, when it is time for a second walk, they often share it with a horse named Shiraz.

As Riana and her family are avid animal lovers the Wolfhounds share them with a cat, a horse and a pond full of Koi fish.

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